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The tumult and the shouting have died away. The B-17’s and the B-24’s will never again assemble into strike formation in the bitter cold of  embattled skies. Never again will the musical thunder of their passage cause the very earth to tremble, the source of sound lost in infinity and seeming to emanate from all things, visible and invisible.

The great deep-throated engines are forever silent, replaced by the flat, toneless roar of the jets and the rockets. But, on bleak and lonely winter nights in the English Midlands, ghost squadrons take off silently in the swirling mist of the North Sea from the ancient weed-choked runways, and wing away towards the east, never to return. On other nights the deserted woodlands ring with unheard laughter and gay voices of young men and young women who once passed that way.

Recollections of all these fade a little with each passing year until at last there will finally remain only the indelible records of the all-seeing Master of the Universe to recall the deeds of valor excelled by no other nation, arm, or service. These sacred scrolls will forever remain the heritage of the free and untrampled people of this earth.

                                                        Written by Colonel Budd Peaslee
                          First Commanding Officer of the 384th Bomb Group
                                            From his book "Heritage of Valor" - 1963

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In Memory of

CMSgt Theodore C. Hood

United States Air Force Retired

September 12, 1922 - September 29, 2016