About the Authors

Ted and Dee moved in 2015 from eastern Georgia and settled down to enjoy retirement in Fairfield Bay, Arkansas.  Dee is a retired educator and an avid lifelong reader and collector of children’s books. She was an elementary school classroom teacher before becoming the librarian at Harlem Elementary School  for the final 10 years of her career. In 2005, she was selected Teacher of the Year at Evans Elementary School, and was a finalist for Teacher of the Year in Columbia County, both in Georgia.

Dee, a native Arkansan, earned a Bachelor of Science in Education, with distinction, from Indiana University; and a Master of Library and Information Science from The University of South Carolina.

After four years as a newspaper photographer and sports writer, during which time he was recognized for the best news photo and third best feature photo in the state of Arkansas for 1972, Ted began a 20-year management and executive career in the corporate world. During those years, and still today, Ted’s favorite getaway was the Little Red River in northern Arkansas, where he has been trout fishing for over 40 years.

During the seven years he guided on the river following his departure from corporate life, Ted came to appreciate even more the wonders of nature. This can be seen in his photographs that have been sold in numerous galleries and shops in Arkansas, Georgia and South Carolina and are hanging in homes and businesses from coast to coast.

Ted moved from the river to northwest Arkansas in 2000, where for the seven years before moving to Georgia, he photographed weddings, worked on his outdoor photography, and did art reproductions and prints for over 100 artists in one of the top art destinations in the country. During that time he also published his first book about partisan politics in the United States. He is currently working on his second book on the topic.

This book was originally published in 2013 as a children's book, and there are no copies left available to sell. However, you can click on any of the thumbnails below and scroll through digital images of the pages.

All images and content copyrighted in 2013 by Ted Hood, Jr. and Dealia Yancey.

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